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Liberty-Benton’s “Fermata The Blue” performing for 5th year

Most new teachers begin the school year with the crunch of leaves under their feet. Ray Wolfe, however, experienced a different type of first day as choral director at Liberty-Benton, taking over in the middle of the school year in January 2014. His ‘first day’ was a snow day and school was cancelled! Wolfe’s first

Game On

Has your family paused lately to play? Three local business owners know that “all work and no play” is the wrong formula for success. In fact, their businesses thrive because they believe there are benefits when we all find time to play. Here are some unique spins on “Family Game Night” along with game ideas

Teaching your kids to thrive in future work world

By Dr. Daneen Skube Tribune Content Agency Q: I have kids and worry about how to prepare them for the work world. How do you suggest parents talk to children about careers, education and goal-setting? A: I suggest to parents that they have lots of conversations about the difference between social myths and workplace reality. I am

Combat Holiday Food Stress

Enjoy but don’t overindulge The holidays are a stressful time—especially when it comes to food. We’re bombarded from all sides to eat more than normal with tempting Christmas cookies, candy canes, homemade candy, appetizers and more. At the time, we get reminded that we ought to be more mindful about what we eat. Dr. Mary-Jon

11 Ways Families Can Salute a Veteran

During this month of Thanksgiving, don’t forget our military service members. Many organizations and veterans groups offer ways to show support and gratitude for members of the armed forces. Here’s how: 1) Help an expectant military mom. Nothing relieves a soldier’s worries like knowing that his family is supported back home. Soldiers’ Angels Baby Brigade

Mind and Matter

Pay Equal Attention to Physical and Mental Health One month into the 2019-2020 school year, local schools have probably received a number of notes from parents and doctors lending validity to student excuses for school absences. In July, Oregon became one of the first states to instruct schools to treat physical health and mental health